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The journey changes people, the people you meet change the journey.

Our identity
is your experience.

The journey becomes the destination and the destination melts into the journey. Time harmonises with the landscape, rhythms are not decided by travellers but assert themselves autonomously.
Travellers, animated by the desire for cultural and social experiences, find their destination in the people, in the stories, in the identity of a territory that offers itself in an authentic and spontaneous way.


The "how" makes the difference.

“Slow travel” is characterised by taking your time to visit a specific place, with the aim of making a deep connection with its people, culture and environment.
The concept of ‘sustainable travel’ is based on the travel choices that are made in order to preserve nature and the place being visited. We can therefore say that “slow travel” is a temporal concept inherent in conscious travellers and that it is the HOW that makes the difference.

Social Sustainability


People are placed at the centre of the vision of the future we want, both in relations with staff, inhabitants and local actors, and in relations with customers.


Authentic atmosphere and genuine lifestyle

The identity is made up of the environment, natural and architectural, colours and flavours, but most of all of people, who renew their tradition year after year and pass on the peculiarities of their territory with gestures and words.

Cultural sustainability

Territory and its traditions

Being a spokesperson, through daily activities and the promotion of initiatives, of the culture of the territory in which we operate.

Environmental sustainability


Increase the use of organic and low-impact products or introduce processes that require a limited use of polluting products.

Travel like a local

We will make you feel part of this identity of ours

Travelling by feeling more and more involved in the places we visit on holiday. Live experiences while breathing in an authentic atmosphere, a genuine lifestyle, and discovering hidden places and age-old traditions.

Each territory has its own authenticity: the QM traveller seeks out places less travelled by mass tourism, to enjoy authentic culture and flavours and feel at home.


Taste authentic flavours

Handcrafts, art and culture

Sport and nature

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