Azienda Agrituristica Incanto Del Fiume

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Azienda Agrituristica Incanto Del Fiume

Incanto del Fiume is a 40-hectare farm with 350 olive trees, plus vines, cereals and pulses, and a vegetable garden. It also produces honey, fruit and jam, all organic!
The farmhouse is ancient: dating back to 1860, it was completely renovated in 2005 and adapted to the needs of modern living.
Agriturismo 'Incanto del Fiume' is located between Volterra and the coast.
Rooms and holiday flats are designed so that guests can move around freely and manage independently. 
Each appartment has its own kitchen and a large refrigerator.
Each room has a bathroom, and is complete with a mini-bar, a kettle and a drying rack.
The structure is characterised by preserving typical features and materials, so that everything remains unmistakably Tuscan and rustic.
The rooms and flats are very comfortable, without luxuries, to keep prices affordable.
The nature and the genuine environment are at the centre of the tourist experience. The house is built to be pleasantly cool in summer; fans in each room provide additional ventilation. In winter the heating is powered by a geothermal system, characteristic of the area; the house is therefore always cosy and warm, respecting the principles of environmental sustainability. Organic is not just a label, it is a way of life.
Organic products are cultivated on several hectares of land, just as the Etruscans did here 3000 years ago. In the restaurant, the farm's own products are predominantly used.

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