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La nostra identità è la tua esperienza.

Quality Made is an identity brand shared by businesses in the five regions of the cooperation area, which in turn is identified and proposed by the project as a tourism unicum.
The Quality Made label is the tool for identifying companies managed with a constant focus on cultural, social and environmental values.

The specification of the brand was born from a direct confrontation with the territories and the realities that operate there: a working group coordinated by the project partners defined its contents, also thanks to the contributions that emerged during the participatory meetings.
Under the name SmarticCafé, 18 events were held in 16 different locations in the cooperation area, involving 326 enterprises and stakeholders, to test and share with them the validity of the benchmarks.


Il restyling e la nuova identità.

The brand focuses on the quality of the experience, starting with the name: Quality Made.From a literal and programmatic point of view, Quality Made means, therefore, “made with quality”: by those who operate entrepreneurially on the territory, respecting the cultural, environmental and social identity it expresses.

Someone has to make things so that they can be enjoyed, and in doing so they express their skills, values and traditions.
By evoking the stages of conception and creation, the Quality Made brand brings products and services back to a more human dimension, referring directly to the care with which businesses package and offer them, enhancing the artisanal connotation of “made in” and making explicit the concept of quality of supply.

For this purpose the association of Quality Made with expressions such as hand made and tailor made associated, not only in the English language, with high-level production comes to the rescue.