A guided tour of the Jorn House Museum, Old Town shops and Muda sites



A splendid guided tour of the artist's home and the historic centre of Albissola Marina

A guided tour, in Italian and English, to discover Casa Museo Jorn, the Danish artist who transformed an abandoned plot of land on the Albissola Marina hillside into a wonderful space, integrating works of art, nature and architecture.

Afterwards, we will visit the shops in the historic centre and the other sites of the Muda (Museo Diffuso Albisola).

approximately one hour

visit the museum for a minimum of 6 people.

Guide service in Italian and English

Transfers, extras in general

Casa Museo Jorn

In 1957 the Danish artist Asger Jorn bought two buildings and a plot of land on the hill of Albissola Marina and in just a few years, with the help of his friend from Albissola, Umberto Gambetta (Berto), transformed this abandoned place into a wonderful space, integrating works of art, nature and architecture. Before his death he donated the garden house and the works of art it contained to the municipality, and in 2000 the municipality of Albissola Marina began restoration work on the entire complex, co-financed by the European Union. The Casa Museo Jorn was inaugurated in 2014. The Associazione Amici di Casa Jorn, founded with the aim of fostering knowledge and understanding of Jorn's art, and bringing his Casa Museo to life, promotes workshops, exhibitions, cultural visits, seminars, exhibitions.

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