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I luoghi del viaggio Qualitymade.

Quality Made welcomes travellers to a unique and personal experience to be lived in the five territories where the certified companies are based, offering authentic experiences.

The companies are located in a heterogeneous territory, which corresponds to the five territories of the areas in which the Interreg Maritime programme operates, diversified in terms of landscape, including jagged coastlines, beaches, pinewoods, mountains, cities of art, historic villages, nature parks, farmlands and vineyards.

The itineraries have been designed with the aim of providing conscious travellers with unique, identity-enhancing experiences that respect the environment and local communities; a true immersion in the traditions and culture of the territories.
The journeys are addressed to all those who want to feel involved and fully experience the itineraries not as tourists but as local travellers, welcomed by the unique and authentic hospitality that characterizes these places.