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A miniature continent

Corsica, a wild and pleasant island, is a land of charm with its marvellous sandy beaches and mountains to be explored on foot along hiking trails with a rich heritage of archaeological remains and menhirs.
In this perfumed land, natural products are cultivated, offering traditional food made with great care to preserve the local identity and tradition.
A tradition that is the result of contaminations and stratifications, as can be seen in the Romanesque-Pisan architecture and Genoese palaces of Bastia.

In the early morning you can see Corsica: it looks like a ship laden with mountains, suspended there on the horizon.

(Italo Calvino)

Our selection for this destination

  • Atelier Truchon

    • The ceramist Julien Truchon creates and exhibits his creations in Corsica, in Patrimonio, between sea and mountain, a land from which he draws his inspiration. Immersed from a very young age in the universe of artistic and utilitarian ceramics by
  • Casa Albina

    • The motto of the Andréani family, who has been working for years on the restoration of an old farmhouse, inaugurated in 2010, is that of spreading Corsican culture, sharing and protecting the environment. Casa Albina is a group of eight
  • Corsica Essences

    • Dedicated to the most demanding wellness lovers, the Corsica Essences laboratory produces a range of products that are respectful of the body and the environment, according to the millenary and popular knowledge of plants, shaped in the memory of generations
  • Domaine de campu

    • Domaine du Campu is located in the Nebbiu region between Capo Corso and Balagne, in the small rural village of Vallecalle in a mid-mountain area. Olive cultivation is the only crop practised. The estate has some 2,500 olive trees of
  • Lumaca

    • Snail farming is located in the municipality of Santa Maria Poggio, in Haute-Corse. The farm occupies 2,000 m² of green space, with a removable greenhouse. Two species of snails are bred here: the "Gros Gris" (Helix Aspersa maxima) and the
  • Marïaline cunfittura

    • Production of jams from fruit and vegetables grown only in Corsica. The fruit and vegetables are grown on site, harvested and produced directly. Tasting Marialine jam means discovering new flavours, and becoming aware of the true values of the land:
  • Sas Key

    • SAS KEY is a marketplace for shops, craftsmen and tourism operators. Innovative digital solutions make it possible to maintain the spirit of traditional local commerce and to develop a relationship with the customer. The merchant is accompanied step by step,
  • Spiruline paysanne corse

    • We are located on a hillside rich in vegetation overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Valinco, with no source of industrial or agricultural pollution nearby. Cultivated in Olmeto, spirulina enjoys a favourable microclimate and an ideal environment on this 400 square
  • Whatiseat

    • is a tool that helps restaurateurs communicate with all tourists from all countries. The web platform allows the digitization and translation of menus in 20 languages through the creation of a Qrcode. By being told about the dishes and
  • Auberge l'Oasis du Lion

    • With breathtaking views of Roccapina and the Lion carved naturally into the rock, the inn, a 17th-century stone house located halfway between Sartena and Bonifacio, offers quality catering and rooms for overnight stays. The catering is based on local production
  • Devichi Maria-Francoise

    • The Devichi farm is situated in the heart of the Nebbiu area, in the Haute-Corse, a stone's throw from Patrimonio. The 40-hectare vineyard, mainly calcareous-clayey, is the preferred soil for the red variety niellucciu, the white vermentinu and the white
  • Hotel Castel Brando

    • At the beginning of the magnificent Cap Corse and at a short distance from Bastia, Castel Brando is a charming hotel that takes visitors into a timeless atmosphere. Located in an authentic 19th century patrician palace and in its annexes,
  • Lydia Casciani

    • Farm located in the municipality of Aléria, in Haute Corse. The site comprises 10 hectares of clementines, 1 of oranges, 1 of pomelo, 7 of almonds and 2 hectares of vines. The sale of fruit is diversified, depending on the
  • Moulin Olivier Morati

    • Olivier Morati is an olive grower in the Nebbio region. He took over his father's farm, which mainly produced honey, by reviving centuries-old olive trees (Biancaghja variety) and planting 15 hectares of Biancaghja and Frantoio trees to produce a quality,
  • Societé d'exploitaion du Palazzi Nicrosi

    • In the heart of the one-hectare estate in Rogliano, Palazzu Nicrosi offers an intimate, exclusive place steeped in history: in two rooms and three suites, with a breath-taking view of the sea, the Finocchiarola islands and the Italian islands of
  • U mondu di u Porcu

    • "U Mondu di Porcu - Casa di u Territoriu" is a place dedicated to the most emblematic know-how of the Tàravu Valley: pig breeding and processing. Here you can discover how the inhabitants of this territory in the past dominated
  • Zella Chambres et table d'hôtes

    • Zella is an authentic farmhouse, opened in 2014 by Jean-Marie Casamarta. The chambres d'hôtes are equipped with all comforts, with an authentic and refined decoration and panoramic view over the Upper Taravo valley. The residence has a restaurant, an indoor