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In equilibrio tra mare e montagna

Liguria with its scent of basil and brackish, with Cinque Terre, Parco del Beigua e Parco di Portofino, to be explored on foot and by boat, the narrow streets of Genoa leading to unexpected views, and the colourful ceramics of Albisola.
With Beigua Geopark and Parco di Portofino, full of footpaths, marvellous to see from the sea.
Genoa’s “caruggi” (narrow streets), leading to unexpected views of a city full of poetry and art, which has inspired the most important Italian songwriters, and the colourful ceramics of Albisola, displayed in its open-air museum.

Liguria. The sea in her hair, the smell of summer in her veins, and bougainvillea in her eyes.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Our selection for this destination

  • Affittacamere Città Vecchia

    • Just 150 metres from the Old Port and the Aquarium of Genoa is La Città Vecchia, a B&B dedicated to the famous Genoese singer-songwriter, Fabrizio De André. Located on the first floor of a historic Genoese building, a few steps
  • Agririfugio Molini

    • At 190 m altitude and in the centre of the Portofino Park, it is the ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts: it can only be reached on foot and is located in an area with more than 50 km of well-marked
  • Agriturismo A Carubba du Bungiurnu

    • "A Carubba du Bungiurnu" is a B&B with a large living area, a fully equipped kitchen where you can heat and store food, a small lounge where you can relax and have a chat, and a large balcony overlooking the
  • Al piccolo Scoglio

    • The Room & Breakfast is located in an ancient palace, already listed in the mid-nineteenth century historical street directory, overlooking the Paradise Gulf. For almost two centuries the palace has dominated from above the village of Camogli, with its pier
  • Bio Vio Azienda Agricola

    • Winery, aromatic plants and agritourism, these are the organic and quality activities carried out in the Albenga area. The wine was born in the family agricultural dimension and thanks to passion and dedication, today it is a synonym of quality
  • Cala Cravieu

    • At the end of the 1990s, the cooperative transformed a small coastal inlet at the western end of the town of Celle Ligure into the Cala Cravieu marina. In full protection and safeguarding of the environment and the marine ecosystem,
  • Casa Marcone

    • Casa Marcone was born in 2015 in Deiva Marina, from the idea of the owners, Laura and Giancarlo, to meet, interact and host new people using the family home. This elegant home with sea view is just a few steps
  • Casa Museo Jorn

    • In 1957 the Danish artist Asger Jorn bought two buildings and a plot of land on the hill of Albissola Marina and in just a few years, with the help of his friend from Albissola, Umberto Gambetta (Berto), transformed this
  • Concept Store Nicchia

    • This is the concept store selection of products: perfumes, soaps, shaving products, organic cosmetics, candles, room fragrances, fashion accessories and bijoux, as well as some delicious delicacies. Collections of different products, but with the common denominator of high quality, refinement
  • Consorzio Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio

    • The Tigullio Maritime Service has 9 boats ranging from 18 to 31 metres in length, with a passenger capacity of between 130 and 400 seats: from classic, cosy wooden boats to more recent fibreglass vessels of various sizes. Today's boatmen
  • La Portofinese

    • Founded to reclaim abandoned land in the mountain of Portofino, it manages Mulino del Gassetta, a refreshment, information and museum point of the Portofino Park, and the Faro, the charming lounge bar located on the extreme tip of the promontory.
  • Outdoor Portofino

    • Promotes sports, sports tourism and environmental education activities related to the Protected Marine Area and the Park of Portofino and Cinque Terre and other areas of natural and cultural interest in Liguria. It aims to make sports accessible to all
  • Rifugio Pratomollo

    • Built in the early 1950s with subsequent renovations, Rifugio Monte Aiona - Pratomollo is an imposing building that stands at 1503 m above sea level on the edge of the wide marshy plateau of Pratomollo (1498 m). It is surrounded
  • Agriturismo Ca De Na

    • Ca' de Na is a young farm that offers organic products of its own production. We are located inside an early 20th century manor house overlooking the village of Buggio, a hamlet of Pigna (IM), on one side, and surrounded
  • Agriturismo Stecadò

    • Stecadò is a farmhouse structured in typical lodgings in the historic centre of Dolceacqua, a medieval village dominated by the Castello dei Doria. The farmhouse has three apartments with six beds, two in historic buildings, and one in an independent
  • Azienda Agricola Armato Cristina

    • The 'Armato Cristina' Agricultural Company was established in 2004 as a continuation of the historical company (it is, in fact, registered in the register of historical companies) founded in 1870 by the 'Devia' family. Located inland from Imperia, in the
  • B&B Piccoli Leoni

    • The B&B Piccoli Leoni is located on the fifth floor of a historic building in the heart of Genoa, Piazza San Matteo. We are in one of the oldest Genoese squares, strongly linked to the history and events of the
  • Go and Ply Srl

    • The company was founded in 2014 from the experience, as a manager, consultant, trainer and coach of Gianluigi Puiè, who combined his skills with his passion for Nature. A multidisciplinary team of professionals share the common goal of generating physical,
  • Golfo Paradiso

    • Camogli's maritime passenger transport service was founded in 1932 by the Biancotti brothers, fishermen, who were the first to start the business, with their small work boat "Luigi". For over seventy years the Golfo Paradiso maritime and tourist transport fleet
  • Il Giardino di Fe

    • The bed and breakfast is located in Sori, in Golfo Paradiso, not far from Portofino and Cinque Terre. Its structure, cared for in every detail, is immersed in a green garden, among olive trees and Mediterranean maquis. We welcome you
  • LAltro Mare

    • In 2010 the cooperative started to make bathing accessible to people with reduced mobility or more or less severe disabilities: the "scaletto dei pescatori" (fishermen’s slipway), a historic free beach in Savona, became "Lo scaletto senza scalini" (a pun, in
  • Omhom

    • A Boutique Bed & Breakfast, a Convivio, a small charming inn, with the atmosphere of luxury and the simplicity of everyday life. Composed of two suites distributed in two wonderful historical buildings, Omhom is a facility located in the enchanting
  • Outdoor Escape

    • ATIPICO, our guesthouse, is located in the characteristic village of Molini di Triora, in the heart of Valle Argentina. At only 30 minutes from the sea and not far from other fascinating villages such as Triora, Taggia and Apricale, Molini
  • Panificio Maccarini

    • The bakery is a historic family business established in 1885. In 1951 Mario Maccarini, known as Gallettiere, transformed the shop into a bakery and became specialized in the production and distribution of “Galletta del Marinaio”, the bakery's main speciality and
  • Visual Garden

    • Ilaria, the owner of Visual Garden, is waiting for you in the heart of Genoa's historic centre. In her photographic studio you can learn the techniques of photography thanks to the numerous photography courses and master classes of Street Photography