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In equilibrio tra mare e montagna

Liguria with its scent of basil and brackish, with Cinque Terre, Parco del Beigua e Parco di Portofino, to be explored on foot and by boat, the narrow streets of Genoa leading to unexpected views, and the colourful ceramics of Albisola.
With Beigua Geopark and Parco di Portofino, full of footpaths, marvellous to see from the sea.
Genoa’s “caruggi” (narrow streets), leading to unexpected views of a city full of poetry and art, which has inspired the most important Italian songwriters, and the colourful ceramics of Albisola, displayed in its open-air museum.

Liguria. The sea in her hair, the smell of summer in her veins, and bougainvillea in her eyes.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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